Million Dollar Photographer Monthly Coaching Program

Million Dollar Photographer Monthly Coaching Program


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Christopher and Aileen

Steven and Heidi

Learn from someone who:

*Has sold over 25 million dollars in portraits

*Went from Bankruptcy to the top 1/1000th of income earners in the United States

*Currently has almost 500 portrait orders in production

*Works just 6 days a month

*Has between 175-300 appointments on the calendar at any given time.

*Makes over 90% of his money from photography, not teaching.

*Is a contrarian who goes against the majority of what you are hearing in the major photography Facebook groups.

For Just $25. a Month, Look at ALL You'll Receive...

(you’ll actually make money [see items 4-6]!):

1.  A monthly Video that will touch in the topics of killer selling strategies and the psychology behind becoming a master sales person of portraits as well as business strategies to make your studio more profitable, posing techniques to create master portraits and streamlining and unconventional strategies to live the life of your dreams through the amazing business of photography.  

2.  Admission to the May 7th all day Super Seminar with World Class speakers held in Southern California.   (if you can’t make it, it will be video recorded)   I bring in speakers that will literally help change your business and your life.  

3.  Put into the Group's Facebook Page where you can strategize with other members and discuss the monthly video teachings which will be given exclusively within the fb group.


4.  Receive a $25. monthly voucher for Mid South Color Lab as long as you do $150. in business that month.  (now that in itself pays for your membership, essentially making it essentially free).

5. Receive a $25. monthly voucher for Museum Classic Frames with NO minimum spend  (now your membership is actually saving you more money than it costs…essentially making you money).

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6.  Receive $25. for every person you refer!!  Refer 10 people, and make $250!!!  (The first people to join will have the biggest advantage to make money from referrals).  As soon as you join, you will be able to sign up (it takes like 30 seconds) for our affiliate program.  It’s basically easy money by sharing your customized link with your friends on social media, etc.…It’ really is a total no brainer…

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Note:   Immediately after making your selection and paying for your membership,  you will be given an electronic attachment download with instructions on how to join the Gold Group Facebook Page as well as how to access all benefits listed above.

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